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sales that total over 40 millions records sold worldwide

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With sales that total over 40 millions records sold worldwide, Destiny’s Child is, without a doubt, one of the biggest selling female groups ever.Not only is the group successful, its individual members have all had solo achievements that other artists could only dream about. So why do they need to still come back as a group to release their sixth album, Destiny Fulfilled?

“People ask why,” Beyonc?says in a recent interview with “We’re friends. We enjoy each other. We sound good together. We grew up together and hopefully we can set an example for other groups, and other female groups especially, that you can support each other and not be insecure and be happy for one another. And it’s OK to do solo projects and to grow up and get a life. But it’s also OK to come back together.”

Destiny Fulfilled is filled with soaring harmonies, rich with rhythm and nuance and brimming with a passionate, purposeful style that is quintessentially their own. Destiny Fulfilled is not only the strongest album of the group’s career: it is the album they were destined to make.

Destiny Fulfilled is executive produced by Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Mathew Knowles. Beyonce is the key producer of all the album’s tracks and the record’s musical concepts and vocal arrangements are the result of her artistic vision. Her tireless work ethic and attention to studio details have created the masterfully seamless flow, boundless energy and exquisite polish of Destiny Fulfilled.

Listening to Destiny Fulfilled, you are immediately struck by Destiny’s Child growth as singers, songwriters, artists and women. Destiny Fulfilled is markedly more mature and focused, reflecting Beyonce’s, Kelly’s and Michelle’s emotional development while mirroring their true-life experiences.

“You hear our vulnerability,” Beyonce offers. “We’ve always had strong songs that encouraged women and you still hear that this time, but you will also hear our weaknesses: the crying, the laughter, the friendship. The song on this album are far more layered and involved because we have the tools to talk about a lot more, because we’re older and have experienced a lot more than we did when we were teenagers.”

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle have used the lessons learned during their own solo excursions to create the most unified and powerful Destiny’s Child album to-date. With Destiny Fulfilled, the group delivers on the promise of its earlier recordings to breathe new fire into the worlds of contemporary pop and R&B music.


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