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Cycling With Friends

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Cycling With Friends
Cycling With Friends

During the Covid pandemic, I haven’t cycled for 7 months. I’m still afraid of cycling outside the house. I also miss being able to cycle again. Therefore, when there was an invitation to bike with friends, I immediately said yes.

Take a cycling route that is not too far away

Having not been cycling for a long time, I suggested taking a route that was not too far away. We set a gathering point in front of the residential area where I live. Finally, at 6 am everyone gathered. The four of us were Cak Nurhadi, Cak Taro, and Pak Irvan, a neighbor of Cak Taro. We agreed to take the route from the resident area to Sedati and return home.

There is a funny story that I experienced. Before leaving, because of the flat condition of my bicycle tires, I had to pumped the tires. Since I only have a portable hand pump, it turns out that when I pumped the tire, the hand pump broke. Wow, it’s because i haven’t been cycling for so long, until my bicycle tires are very flat.

Exercise and Enjoy Togetherness with Friends

Cycling with friends is not only about exercising but also enjoying Quality Time with Friends. Because, During this pandemic situation, we all rarely met our friends. We just chatting with each other via WhatsApp or zoom media. Of course this joint cycling activity has thickened our friendship.

Along the way, many new things were encountered, such as the construction of new residential estates, various road routes that I had never traveled, even though they were very close to my house, and of course, I did not forget to talk about various things along the way.

Eat Nasi Pecel
Eat Nasi Pecel

On the way, we took a short break while enjoying the breakfast of nasi pecel on the side of the Juanda highway. It’s a great pleasure can chat with closest friends.

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Getting together with friends always creates new things. Many positive things can be obtained and of course, this will make each of us grow even more. Therefore, we must take the time to be able to gather with our closest friends.

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