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Celebrating Deepavali on Public Holiday Singapore

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Have you ever heard the word Deevapali or Diwali? Yash, Deepavali is the annual celebration of Hindus in the world for the victory of light over darkness. This is one of the most important Hindu festivals. At this celebration, you will find the distinctive aroma of incense, a sea of ​​colors, and lights that adorn the houses and streets.

Are you interested in seeing this festival? Take it easy. No need to go all the way to India. In Singapore, you can watch it too.

2021, Deepavali in Singapore will be celebrated in November. Deepavali celebrations are included in the Public Holiday Singapore. Why is that? Because India is the third-largest ethnic group of the total population in Singapore. So, it’s only natural that Deepavali is always greeted with great fanfare in Singapore.

Deepavali is a celebration that marks the return of Lord Rama, who was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, after fourteen years of exile.

At this celebration, it is also believed that deceased relatives will return to the world and visit their families. Therefore, small oil lamps were installed to be guides for the spirits.

At this festival, there will also be firecrackers which are believed to be able to ward off evil spirits that will rule over the darkness. Wow, how interesting is this celebration?

Besides, everyone will wear new clothes. Women will wear beautiful sarees made of silk, chiffon, or other finest material. While men will wear kurta and dhoti. It is not permissible to eat black clothes because black color is associated with death and being treated as inauspicious.

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 The joy of Deepavali in Singapore

Deepavali in Singapore will be held in the Little India district where most of the Indians live. Many activities are done during Deepavali and the preparations are carried out in advance.

The preparations include decorating the house, decorating the streets with flowers and oil lamps, preparing sweet and savory snacks, and preparing to perform pooja to gods.

At every entrance to houses, malls, shopping centers to temples, there will be a colorful geometric painting made of rice called Rangoli. Rangoli is believed to drive out evil spirits.

Traditional food is also not left behind. Snacks such as ellu urundai, gulab jamun, halwa, and sugee will be provided during this festival.

At this festival, celebrating Hindus will pull a silver chariot carrying a statue of the goddess Sri Drowpathai Amman from the Sri Mariamman Temple located in Chinatown to Little India. This temple is the oldest one in Singapore. a week earlier, a cultural performance called Theemithi will be held at this temple. Then the celebration continues with burning charcoal and worshiping the gods.

To enjoy Deevapali directly, you can rent a hotel in the little India area when this celebration is held. It is rather crowded and crowded, but you will be able to watch this festival up close. You can also use the Singapore Rediscover Voucher for your hotel during the holidays. However, this voucher is only valid for Singaporeans aged 18 years and over.

You can also see amazing exhibitions, concerts, bazaars, and parades. Don’t forget to capture your moment while celebrating Deepavali in Singapore.

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